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esb-cover.jpgKENK’s latest release, “Everything So Beautiful“, features an interesting collection of ten original acoustic guitar-driven songs.

These particular songs have been part of hundreds of live music yoga classes that KENK and Justin Kaliszewski have shared with thousands of yogis since 2012. Over time, many of these songs were incorporated into classes, and grew into an all-original, rocking live music yoga class.

BUT DON’T THINK THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT YOGA MUSIC! It is the gritty rock and roll, foot tappin’, sing-along songs you would expect from KENK. Songs that make you smile. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing yoga or sitting in a chair, riding in a car or running on a treadmill, drinking beers and jamming out or laying on a beach in the warm sunlight. It’s all good. Plug it in. Turn it up.

The album features some really astounding musicians, from Kenny Passarelli (Joe Walsh, Elton John, Hall & Oates, Dan Fogelberg), harmonica-virtuoso Clay Kirkland, the golden vocal cords of Phil Jenson, and Marco DiFerreira and the amazing energy he brings, as well as “the bird” Justin and “one take” Kyle Kaliszewski. The album was produced and engineered by Grammy winner, Clark Hagan (Chet Atkins, Tommy Emmanuel). It was mixed by Tim Stroh at Madhouse Recorders in Leadville, CO and mastered at Masterfonic in Nashville. Fun stuff!

“Everything So Beautiful” is organic, natural, acoustic, and earthy. The message is uplifting, smiling and shining. The result is a special selection of songs that I think you will really like.

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What some are saying…

You make beautiful music, Ken. I’ve downloaded the MP3s, and I’m rocking out now ;-) Please continue to let your light shine through. Your style, and voice reminds me of Neil Young. Thank you for providing positive, loving lyrics to the Hard Rock music; a nice alternative to sex, love lost, or broken heart from losing a boy. -Grace Kane

“Everything So Beautiful” is a great album with songs about life that people can really relate to. The first time my wife heard the song “This Way Of Life”, she said that is a song about my life. We like to listen while we are getting ready for work in the morning, it helps bring joy to the morning and makes us feel good. We like the album so much I bought another copy on CD and had it sent to our son’s home, of course he will have to download the special bonus track! -Martin Westra

“I LOVE your ‘Everything So Beautiful’ CD that I purchased during a previous visit to Iowa. I listen to it ALL THE FREAKING TIME to and from work (a 30m. dive each way). I truly think my life has improved because of your lyrics. There is such honesty and truth in each song. The soundtrack starts my day on a positive note as I back out of the garage, merge onto interstate traffic and mentally prepare for my day. It sheds the right perspective on things going on in my life and just makes me HAPPY! It simply is a great mix of messages, tempos and fun. I have never listened to a CD more than yours with the exception of STING and maybe John Mayer (HA!). So grateful for your musicianship. Keep writing and performing. -Angela Ossian

“Just listened to KenK’s new CD, ‘Everything So Beautiful’ this evening. It’s a feel good, upbeat rocking and rolling treat. He knows his way around the guitar. Score another one for the baby boomers. Highly recommended.” -Bill Stough

“First of all I love your cd, I really do! I relate to your lyrics and your voice brings me to my center – I relax when I hear it. It sounds familiar like family, like a father, like us all… I appreciate your honest expression. Thank you.” -Emily Darling

“Just listened all the way through a couple times. I love it. It is real, raw, truth, simple (in a very good way) and just little golden nuggets of great songwriting. Great job and so thrilled to have been a small part of it.” -Phil Jensen

“Love the new KenK CD! Everyone should be downloading this…” -Brett Gabel

“Thank you so much for the CD. Your positivity gets into my brain and I hum some of your tunes during the day, and I’m not really a music person if anything like that exists. Thanks for the boost!” -Angie Hertz

“You amaze me with your writing and guitar skills, they are phenomenal!! I love your outlook on life reflected in your songs!! Thanks again for your work of art!” -Mitzi C

“Authentic music & great songwriting! (5 stars)
Everything So Beautiful is a masterpiece. If you are looking for over-produced glossy pop music, you aren’t going to find it here. What you will find is authentic music with equal parts grit, soul and most importantly… truth. Lyrics spoken from the heart and first class musicianship. Give this a listen and then Spread the Sunshine!”
-Dan Gannon (iTunes review)