KenKKENK is an award-winning songwriter whose music is best described as “equal parts rock, alt-country, and folk”, topped off with some good ol’ guitar shredding just for fun. His songs speak of life, love, and gratitude mixed within stories of car rides, tattoos, and trailers. KENK’s sound is personal, soulful, and bleeds into his songs and live performances.

KENK’s songs and playing have been used in movies, videos, cd’s, and on the radio. His song, “Wonderful Day”, was selected as the theme song for Denver Channel2 morning news show, “Daybreak” out of over 200 others in 2012. He was also awarded the “Golden Wave Award” by independent radio show, “The Colorado Wave”.

Concerts, Clubs and Events

KENK is a seasoned performer who puts on a fun and energetic live show, and enjoys playing both original and cover music. “I like to take a cover song that I love and make it mine,” he explains, “I’m not so concerned with playing it like the recording. It’s fun to bring your own personality to the song. Of course, it can’t suck.” He can frequently be found playing on outdoor patios and private parties in the Denver area.

When performing as a solo act, he accompanies himself with his pseudo-band, “The Ghost Boys” – a looper he uses to build unique, multi-layered arrangements live and on the spot. It’s all done “live” and ensures a unique and different rendition every performance. Ken also performs with “KenK & the Criminals”, a wailing three-piece rock band. He also has a great group of musician friends that he likes to play with whenever he can.

Live Music Yoga

Outlaw Yoga - KenK live music yogaKen plays live yoga classes with his son, Justin, a popular yoga teacher and trainer for Outlaw Yoga. Outlaw Yoga classes often include rocking acoustic music, sing-alongs, and a dynamic flow with the energy and emotional levels of the class. Playing hundreds of classes ranging from 20 to over 300 students, the duo have performed all over Denver (corePower, Kindness, The River, Yoga Rocks the Park, Friday Night Yoga Club), as well as in Steamboat Springs, CO, Taos NM, Sedona, AZ, Wanderlust (Aspen CO), Des Moines IA, Kansas City KS/MO, and Omaha NE.

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Littleton Guitar School

Littleton Guitar SchoolDuring the week, Ken is owner and guitar teacher at Littleton Guitar School, teaching people how to enjoy the art of learning to play guitar. Innovative guitar lessons designed for results, unlike any other guitar lessons in the Denver area.

Ken orchestrated the first ever, “Guitar Flash Mob”, in Sept 2013 when he had 30 students surprise a large, outdoor yoga class and play a rousing version of “Hey Jude”. The students were so surprised, some stopped to take pictures and video of the event.

KenK/ Littleton Guitar School - Guitar Flash Mob

Check out a sample of a live show…

Ken’s live show features a unique blend of spontaneity, personality, and expertise. He knows how to read an audience, and how to blend his approach appropriately. Mixing up familiar songs with his originals keeps the audience engaged and entertained.

Or just listen to some snippets…

KK Demo Snips